Mandrobe-SL is my project to keep you guys up to date and fresh. It has two parts, a facebook page, and a blog. On the Facebook page I track and hand pick items individually and share the newest male items exclusively.
At the moment, I only share what I like, not everything that is released. I know it gets tedious at times to follow the latest releases in SL, so I am here to help. And on my blog I will share my styling with the recent items over the grid.


Hello! My name is Matthew.
I’ve been in second life for more than 8 years now so I understand how hard it is to stay fresh and ahead of the pack as a male. I’ve been blogging since 2014. My previous blog was named Define Hipster, you may have seen it if you are into male fashion trends. As 2017 started, I jumped onto the “new year new me” bandwagon and created a brand new, fresh avatar in SL. That was a hard decision to make. After a while, I decided to make this project come alive since I was designing it in my mind for a while. So I’m here. Glad to finally see my project in action!

If you have any questions about the posts, styling or anything, just feel free to ask me.  My avatar name in second life is p0stmortem.resident (first o is a zero).  My notifications are almost always capped so, if you want to reach me so badly but you cant, please check my contacts face for more info about my complete whereabouts.