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Review Policy

First of all, thanks!

If you have made it here, that means you like the blog, my style of photography and/or the way I prepare my posts for public view.

Please trust that I will review your items or event in a fair amount of time and in a stylish fashion, assuming your items and brand image fit my style. My way is always quality > quantity so you can for sure know that I’ll wait for my inspiration to blog your items on the most optimal and beautiful way instead of just putting what you send on and shooting pointlessly.

I’ll be also happy to publicize that your brand is a sponsor of my blog with your logo on my main page.

I’m not a brand hoarder and always have the right to not to feature the items that doesn’t fit my personal style. I can try, but I do not guarantee doing a post for every single item you send.

If you believe that quality always beats quantity anytime and anywhere come on, hit me up, I’m sure we can work together!